SIMPLY001 - Various Artists

  • SIMPLY001 - Various Artists
  • SIMPLY001 - Various Artists


Emvee & Trilla - Dutty Yano
Killjoy, Sergic & Lyka - Beluga Lockoff
Farsight - Pro Spacemaker (VIP)
Arctic - Rick & Morty


Lathe Cut - 50 Pressing
1 per customer, duplicate orders will be cancelled and refunded

When Simply Deep was established as a YouTube Channel back in 2013 the dream was always to release music physically on Vinyl. Seven years on, that dream is now a reality and Simply Deep are proud to present SIMPLY001. Featuring some of our favourite artists since day one.

SIMPLY001 is Grime/Dubstep hybrid that contains some of the most sought-after unreleased tracks of the past decade.

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