Barom - Run Circles (Album Sampler) [Limited 20 Pressing]

  • Barom - Run Circles (Album Sampler) [Limited 20 Pressing]
  • Barom - Run Circles (Album Sampler) [Limited 20 Pressing]


Barom - Burn Off
Barom - Cloudpoint
Barom - Come and Go
Barom - Run Circles
Barom - Cloudpoint (Gnischrew Remix)
Barom - Run Circles (Noble Remix)
Barom - Burn Off (Korin Complex Remix)


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Lathe Cut 20 Pressing
1 per customer, duplicate orders will be cancelled and refunded
All orders come with WAV downloads of the FULL album on 29/01/21

"Starting 2021 with a fresh palette Simply Deep bring in Germany based producer Barom. He takes us for an aesthetically pleasing Journey through his thoughts and creations over the last four years. Barom is no stranger to the scene with radio plays from Commodo under his belt and releases with FatKidOnFire & Off-Switch Audio. ‘Run Circles’ is mostly a 140BPM expedition with the exceptions of ‘Contest’ slowing things down to 86BPM and ‘Come and Go’ setting the tempo at 120BPM.

This release has something for all the heads to enjoy, Barom keeps true to his unique production array across all the tracks, this isn’t a typical run-of-the-mill Dubstep or Dance album, this is a one-of-a-kind release stamping Barom as one of the most alluring producers we have had the pleasure of working with.

No amount of personification and colourful adjectives will do this release justice, listen for yourself and understand the beauty and depth that ‘Run Circles’ brings into the fold."

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